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<p><strong>SMOKING</strong><br>Is not permitted, and pets are negotiable and are allowed only with management approval. Violation of this policy will result in additional charges to return the property to an allergy-free zone, including but not limited to; steam/dry cleaning all carpeting, area rugs, drapes, bedding, and linens in the entire condominium. We reserve the right to request that the pet be boarded immediately, or the rental contract will be terminated without refund.</p> <p><strong>DAMAGE</strong><br>You must notify Rentals In Vail of any damage to the unit during your occupancy. The $75 damage insurance covers up to $1500 in accidental damage. Accidental damage that exceeds the $1500 amount, must be paid by the tenant. If the credit card listed is declined or was never provided, you agree to provide Rentals In Vail with an immediate alternate form of payment.</p> <p><strong>HOUSEKEEPING</strong><br>The housekeeping charge is for checkout clean. Daily touch-ups can be added as well as mid-stay cleans. Daily touch-up cleans include making beds, removing trash, and light cleaning up. Mid-stay clean will include changing sheets, towels, and clean-up.</p> <p><strong>ADDITIONAL PERSON CHARGES</strong><br>Each property has a maximum occupancy. Exceeding this may result in minimum additional charges of $250 per day charged to the credit card on file or eviction of some, or all, of the party.</p> <p><strong>INTERNET / TV SERVICE</strong><br>Properties use one or a combination of the following vendors for Internet and/or television services; Comcast, Century Link, Direct TV, or Dish Network. As these are 3rd party vendors, not part of Rentals In Vail, we can make no guarantee that they will be working all the time especially given the mountain conditions. We make every effort to do what we can to make sure they are functioning. If there is an issue, you can contact our office during normal business hours, however, this is <strong>NOT AN EMERGENCY</strong> situation. Additionally, no refunds for the stay will be given due to one or more of these not working. If there is a technical issue with your personal equipment (computers, phones, iPad, etc.), Rentals In Vail can dispatch a technician at the cost to the renter in full billed to the credit card but does not provide technical support for devices that are not part of the unit.</p> <p><strong>RISK AND LIABILITY</strong><br>There are risks associated with the use of any property which may include but are not limited to risks of injury to person or property, or death especially in a high-altitude location as this one with severe climates. Call Rentals In Vail immediately if there is any matter about which you are uncertain or which you believe may present an unreasonable risk to you. Given the extreme winter conditions, risks around the properties may include; wet, slippery, or icy conditions both inside and out; falling snow or ice; being in proximity of, or use of, a swimming pool, bathtub, or hot tub including without limitation risks of, drowning, heart attack, stroke or reactions to pool or cleaning chemicals; allergic or other reaction to cleaning or “freshening” products; allergic or other reaction to man-made and synthetic materials; actions of third parties not under the control of the property manager or unit owner; theft of, or damage to, personal property; electric shock or another injury in the use, or misuse, of any electric appliance or mechanical device; risk of injury in the use of garbage disposals, trash compactors, steam showers, saunas, and other similar appliances. Renter and all persons in the rental group will assume all risk and liability. Renter agrees to the foregoing and waives all rights to claim damages.</p> <p><strong>CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICIES</strong><br>30% of the total rental is non-refundable upon booking.<br>Reservations canceled less than 30 days prior to arrival will be charged in full of the total and are 100% non-refundable.<br>We are unable to re-fund or pro-rate based on any issues or delays including but not limited to weather or health, however, we do offer Travelers Insurance.</p> <p><strong>DEPOSIT POLICIES</strong><br>30% of the total rental cost is due at the time of booking. The balance of the total rental cost is due 30 days prior to arrival. Total rental costs are due in full, within 30 days of arrival.</p>